One thing after another…

October 27, 2007

The problem with old cars is as soon as you start tinkering with one thing you find another thing that needs some attention. Having taken the old engine out of the Alfa (in preparation for the twin spark) we found some minor welding that was required to the front cross member. The grubby engine bay could then do with a spraying afterwards to make it look like it did 40 years ago.

Also, the interior (which has been stripped and caged) could do with a lick of paint. Ideally, I’d like to take the dash out (simple) and the seats + door trim and get a pro to give it a spray with the same matt grey that I used on the cage bars. Might as well have the (split!) dashtop re-trimmed whilst it’s out…

In addition, I’ve known for a couple of years that the rear arches will need doing on the car. Not only do the tyres rub, but the inners were full of filler and the replacement outers that were done back in 2002 weren’t the best job (before I owned the car). Might as well get it all tidied up whilst its out of action.

Plenty of stonechips on the front valance, too…

Bah! Might be as well to do a full lower half respray to keep things tidy. Do’h.


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